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Bionnovation Biomedical is a Brazilian company that offers advanced solutions for dental element replacement and bone reconstruction. Currently, the product line consists of biomaterials capable of providing highly satisfactory clinical and aesthetic results.

Biomaterials are ancillary products in bone regeneration processes that provide excellent clinical solutions with high success rates and minimal patient discomfort.

Our regenerative line is made up of alternative filler materials for bone grafting procedures, absorbable membranes, non-absorbable barriers, bone screws, titanium meshes and tent screws and for dental implants. The implant line consist External Hexagon and Morse-Taper Connections.



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To achieve optimal, predictable results, we offer you the Bionnovation Biomedical product system. It includes all long-term proven biological materials (e.g., bovine, synthetic (hydroxyapatite & beta TCP), collagen, granules, blocks, titanium mesh, titanium foil and PTFE membranes, which can be used in various combinations for each specific indication. Bionnovation Biomedical is committed to quality and continuous improvement of its products and is always in search of upgrading and innovating its scientific methods and techniques, setting and keeping up with the most current trends of dentistry and medicine.


All of our products are developed, evaluated or approved by renowned universities and the scientific community in Brazil and abroad, interacting with the company’s team of re-searchers and engineers.



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